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BRC Training day 1966

"OK, on the count of three pull together and we'll have this choss pile in the river in no time!"

A typical training day on Cox’s Buttress on the lower cliffline.  Belaying (left to right) are Hugh Pechey, Col Hocking, Craig Rowley and X, as Les Hicks wanders down the track.  Alas, climbers unknown (do you recognize yourself)?  The railway tracks made good belay anchors back then.

John Tillack engaged on Layback just left of Cox's Overhang.

Note the dense grass at the base of the cliff that secluded bric-a-brac like bodies, bottles, bones, banditos, bodgies, bandicoots and, oh you name it!

Col Hocking topping out on Grand Traverse on Cox's Buttress in November, 1965.  A few of the climbs done back then (like this one) were renamed and attributed to more recent ascentionists in later guide books.

 Warwick Willmott (?) almost discovering an advanced "figure four" move on Cox's Corner during the UQBWC Freshers training day, 1968

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